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  • CORE Optical High Speed Scanning System

    The CORE D is a compact and robust measuring system with high dynamics. It was specially developed for the measurement of turbine blades in the production environment.

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  • WGT Gear Measuring Machines - Top class gear metrology

    The WGT gear measuring machines made by WENZEL are designed to measure various gears and rotationally symmetrical components precise, easy and quick.

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  • WENZEL exaCT XS Desktop Computed Tomography

    The use cases for industrial computed tomography are measurement and inspection technology where 3D data of complex internal and external structures are required.

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  • Invitation: International Styling Forum

    The International Styling Forum takes place in Wiesthal on 29th and 30th September 2015. The event offers interesting lectures and live demonstrations. Exchange information and experiences with modelers and designers from leading companies worldwide.

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  • WENZEL LH CMM and REVO 5-Axis Scanning System for Significantly Shorter Cycle Times

    The tactile REVO 5-Axis Scanning System in combination with a WENZEL LH Series coordinate measuring machine achieves significantly shorter cycle times compared to conventional solutions.

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  • Metrosoft QUARTIS - You decide the program Significant measurement results - fast and easy!
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  • We offer a broad range of services to our Swiss customers: from maintenance to computer tomography.
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  • We offer coordinate measuring machines from WENZEL Präzision GmbH for all your measurement needs.
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