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  • Optical 3D Sensor PHOENIX - Structured Light Projection and Image Processing Sensor

    The new optical non-contact 3D sensor PHOENIX captures point clouds and geometry elements in one working cycle.

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  • WENZEL CMM Accelerates Measurements of Contract Manufactured Parts

    To meet the high quality requirements, the USD Formteiltechnik GmbH relies on coordinate metrology from the Wenzel Group. In order to measure faster and more accurately a WENZEL LH 65 CMM with Metrosoft QUARTIS was put into operation.

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  • Measurement of Rotationally Symmetrical Parts with a Single Probe

    A screw compressor compresses a gaseous fluid into a smaller volume with higher pressure. Two shafts are positioned axially parallel. This rotor pair is characterized by two meshing, helical gears. These two rotors are differentiated by their design as male or female rotor.

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  • Successful International Styling Forum

    The International Styling Forum took place at WENZEL in Wiesthal on 29th and 30th September 2015. Numerous lectures and live demonstrations were offered.

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  • Metrosoft QUARTIS - Jump to the NEXT LEVEL

    Jump to the next level by benefitting from our special time limited Metrosoft QUARTIS promotion. With the latest release of our Metrosoft QUARTIS precision software you will make your user's daily work easier. Speed up your measuring throughput and save time and money.

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  • Metrosoft QUARTIS - You decide the program Significant measurement results - fast and easy!
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  • We offer a broad range of services to our Swiss customers: from maintenance to computer tomography.
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  • We offer coordinate measuring machines from WENZEL Präzision GmbH for all your measurement needs.
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