Computer Tomography

Computertomography from WENZEL Volumetrik

For 3D measurements of inner and outer dimensions, analysis of defects, voids, mounting positions, thicknesses, etc. well as reverse engineering by means of X-ray technology, we offer you the new generation of industrial CT scanners from WENZEL Volumetrik.

WENZEL Volumetrik GmbH is one of the innovators in the industrial computer tomography manufacturers. By using the latest generation of detectors, WENZEL Volumetrik computer tomographs are especially powerful and precise in a compact, low-maintenance design. Whether in quality control, testing or reverse engineering, the integrated workstations measure internal and external 3D structures quickly and accurately.

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exaCT – The new generation of industrial computer tomography

exaCT – The new generation of industrial computer tomography The exaCT® computer tomogrphy workstations are characterized by a unique system concept.

Compact design and sophisticated ergonomics combine the demands for performance and flexibility with a smaller space requirement in a perfect manner.

Through the different combination of X-ray source and detectors, four machine types of the exaCT® are available.

This allows adapting to the specific customer's needs.

Computertomograph exaCT® S – Computer tomography on your desk

exaCT S – Computer tomography on your deskThe compact desktop computer tomograph exaCT® S is the ideal solution for volume measurement of small components

The CT fits on every desk and offers maximum performance in minimum space.

The high resolution also allows for detailed analysis of the smallest components, ranging from micro-measuring technology to the micro-material testing.


Computertomograph exaCT® XS - Mobile Computer tomography

exaCT® XS - Mobile Computer tomographyThe highly compact desktop CT exaCT® XS is the ideal solution for the volume measurement of small plastic parts and components with low density.

Thanks to its optimized dimensions and low weight, it can be placed on desktops or portable trolleys easily.

The device is controlled by a modern touch-screen monitor.


CT services - We tomography and measure for you

CT services - We tomography and measure for youWould you like to get to know and test the new technology first before you decide to purchase a CT scanner?

We also offer different services such as contract measurement, initial sampling, analysis or reverse engineering on our CT scanners.

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