Metrosoft Trainings

A new product in your company, new employees in quality control: Through targeted product training you invest in motivated and skilled employees that deliver faster drawing conform and meaningful results.

Metrosoft trainings are divided into Basic, QUARTIS and CM trainings.

AUKOM trainings cover metrological basics and thus complete the Metrosoft product training in an ideal manner.

We gladly advise you personally.

Basic Trainings

  • PC operation under Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7
  • Data back-up and version care
  • Basics of metrology
  • Form and position tolerances (ISO 1101/ASME Y14.5M)

Metrosoft QUARTIS Trainings

  • Metrosoft QUARTIS Geometry (Online/Offline)
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS Scanning (Online/Offline)
  • Update from Metrosoft CM 3 to Metrosoft QUARTIS
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS Special Training