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Metrosoft QUARTIS

With Metrosoft QUARTIS, WENZEL Metromec introduces a new software generation into the market. Metrosoft QUARTIS is the first measuring software using the trend-setting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface. Metrosoft QUARTIS is based on the decade long knowledge of one of the most successful measuring software providers worldwide. The result is measuring software with an uncluttered, flexible and result orientated workspace that reduces distraction for users so they can spend more time and energy focused on their work. Measurement results can now be generated even faster and easier.

Overview Metrosoft QUARTIS

Metrosoft QUARTIS - Advantages of Fluent User Interface

The new Microsoft® Office Fluent™ based user interface of Metrosoft QUARTIS significantly simplifies the application of the powerful functions allowing you get correct measuring results, impressive inspection reports and meaningful statistics faster and easier.

The streamlined screen layout and the dynamic result-oriented ribbons, allow you to spend more time focused on your work and not struggle and lose time trying to get the application to do what you want it to do.

Made in Switzerland - Your guarantuee for quality, reliability and precision

The decade long experience of WENZEL Metromec in 3D coordinate measuring technology shows its advantage especially in the inner values of Metrosoft QUARTIS. Quality, Reliability and Precision are the hallmarks of Swiss products.

No more than you would expect more from a measurement software of the 4th Generation?

  • Metrosoft QUARTIS has been developed in Switzerland by WENZEL Metromec AG.
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS is uniquely innovative, open and flexible.
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS accelerates the personal work flow significantly.
  • Metrosoft QUARTIS guarantees greater efficiency and higher productivity.

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