Savings with WENZEL

July 3th, 2019 - The demands on the measuring technology rise and with them often the investments.

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Is an investment in new measurement technology worthwhile for you?

You don't know exactly?

No problem! Let us help you to uncover hidden savings potentials in your quality assurance process.

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- Measurement technology is seen by you predominantly as a cost factor
- Uncertain times delay investments in your measurement technology
- In a first step new measuring technology costs money, you cannot prove the advantages immediately


- Monitoring of the processes relevant for measurement technology in your company
- Analysis of the installed metrology infrastructure in relation to your requirements
- Potential analysis and evaluation of replacement or new procurement of measurement technology
- Designing an action plan to exploit the evaluated potentials


One of our experts will visit you to analyse and evaluate your installed measurement infrastructure together with you on site by using a method box. Based on the results of this visit, we suggest replacement and/or procurement options for measuring machines and solutions that pay off for you. Are you interested to fi nd out more about your hidden potentials? Then contact us!