WM | Quartis R2020-1 is now available

January 21st, 2020 - WM-Quartis R2020-1 offers a wide range of improvements for special applications and areas of use.

You can benefit amongst others from the following innovations:

  • WENZEL Measuring Arm WM | MMA with Optical Sensor WM | MLS
  • Relocate Machine or Workpiece increases the Measuring Volume
  • Outlier Elimination according to the Threshold Value Method for reliable Measurement Results in Optical Measurement
  • Renishaw REVO 5-Axis System with Sweep Scan for Surfaces, Planes and Cylinders and 5-Axis Positioning with RSP3 Sensor
  • Evaluate Features according to current ISO GPS and ASME Y 14.5 Standards
  • Safely Executing Parts of a measuring program

WM | Quartis R2020-1 sensor oprions

WM | Quartis R2020-1 documents at a glance

pdfImprovements Metrosoft WM | Quartis R2020-1
pdfProducts and Modules WM | Quartis R2020-1
pdfSystem Requirements WM | Quartis R2020-1